A & A Drilling and Blasting, Inc

Your Leader in Drilling and Blasting


With 40+ years of service in the industry our company has access to specialists nationwide. No job is to small and our cost estimates are fair; always recognizing safety and site limitations. Our services include but are not limited to rock excavation, drilling, blasting, foundations, and slope stabilization. We are equipped with modern drilling equipment, both air and hydraulic as well as the latest in explosive technology. 

Drilling, Blasting, and Slope Stabilization

Residential Services
  •   Individual house foundations
  •   Hydraulic spitting where explosives cannot be utilized

Exploration Drilling Services
  •   Test Holes to obtain samples
  •   Locate abandoned mine workings

Utilities Services
  •   Trench rock- fragmentation in close proximity to existing utilities
  •   Blasting for expansion of municipal water treatment facilities
  •   Blasting for foundations and slope stabilization of waste water  treatment facilities

Quarries Explosive Services

  • Rip-Rap
  • Locate Abandoned Mine Workings 
  • Reclamation
  • Mine Closures
  • MSHA Compliant

Highway and Heavy Construction Explosive Services
  • State and Federal Roadways 
  • Access Roads 
  • Dams

Other Services
  • Fragmenting Concrete with Explosives, or Non-Explosives
  • Military Base Detonation of Old Explosive Agents
  • Leveling Silos with Shaped Charges 
  • Studies for Planning Preliminary Engineering, Design, and Construction
  • Free Consultations 

           A&A Drilling and Blasting, Inc.'s personnel are highly trained in drilling techniques and in the handling and use of explosives.

 They are hired based on their experience, skill, and ability to complete the most challenging of jobs.